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Impulsion Daytime

Impulsion Westworld Scottsdale, Arizona

Commissioned by Scottsdale public Art,  installed December 2014 at Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Sculpture  stands about 23’+ tall x 40′ long, made entirely out of 1.5″ straight square brushed stainless steel tubing with welded end caps. Installed on 4′ tall concrete plinth. Click below to view video: […]

large pod

Sonoran Seed Pods

Sonoran Seed Pods are a group of 8 sculptures commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art from a gift by: Frank Crerie. The sculptures are made with corten steel and range in size from 3′ diameter to 8′ diameter. The idea behind the pieces was to have […]

Batropolis : Trafalgar Square


Concept designed for London during the 2012 Olympics as shelters / homes for bats.There has been a shortage of bats in London because of the loss of living spaces ( trees , caves, cellars, tunnels etc. ) and also lack of insects ( marshes, wetlands etc. ) I […]