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Enjoy your own Personal Skyspace with the Oculor  tm – The Oculor Hand Held – and the Oculor mini Designed to focus your personal viewpoint on whatever interests you. Zoom in on landscapes, people and small details of everyday objects. Click to enlarge images:   OCULOR Color […]

head art object

Art Object

What is an Art Object? If we place something on a pedestal does it become elevated in stature? become more valuable?, more desirable, more coveted? Click to View : Art Object Video A work of art, artwork, art piece, piece of art or art object is an aesthetic physical item or artistic creation. […]



Designed for Burning Man, Apparition is a group of sheet clad steel framed  sculptures that mimic the look of  ephemeral ghosts. During the day, the translucent images blow and sway in the wind, while at night each unit is lit either with solar lights or wired / […]

Martian Beacon on the moon

Martian Beacon

  Designed for Burning man or other outdoor venues, Martian Beacon Is made of steel boxes with translucent polycarbonate tops. Inside, high output LED lights project upward towards the sky. People can input phrases to be projected by the huge installation. The phrases are translated […]