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peripheral view 1

Peripheral View

Peripheral ViewIs a series of blurred high contrast images that are printed on clear film and installed at various locations in the scattered green and umber undergrowth of the forest environment at I-Park. These specters depict native and foreign beasts, human and non human animals […]

Batropolis : Trafalgar Square


Concept designed for London during the 2012 Olympics as shelters / homes for bats.There has been a shortage of bats in London because of the loss of living spaces ( trees , caves, cellars, tunnels etc. ) and also lack of insects ( marshes, wetlands etc. ) I […]

Solar Beacon Plan View

Solar Beacon

Solar Beacon is a temporary sculpture installation that is designed to be installed on a grand scale.  The sculpture is made up of 500 solar lighted totems creating a spectacular light display at night and a colorful display much like tall flowers during the day.   […]

ballot bleu trim

Ballots Bleu

Created during an artist residency in Passy, France. I asked the farmer of the village if He could bale the few acres of weeds that He had just cut down. I painted them with acrylic  ultramarine paint and then placed them with a tractor at several […]

le lavoir Passy

Le Lavoir

Created and installed in a 500 year old laundry building in Passy, France, Le Lavoir employs silhouettes of women washing clothes in different poses. These are suspended between linen bed sheets borrowed from people in the village and installed on top is a soaker hose that with […]